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Peachly AI

Find the best Artificial Intelligence tool-An eCommerce growth tool called Markopolo assists companies in tracking and personalising marketing to customers across platforms and devices.

Description of this AI tool Peachly AI:

Peachly AI is a comprehensive hybrid AI solution that uses AI and human experience to design, target, and improve Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertisements, boosting ROI. It offers the first hybrid AI advertising solution in the world, creative development with AI, and affordable pricing starting at $49 per month. By establishing Facebook ads campaigns powered by AI in under 30 seconds and creating flawless campaigns in just a few clicks, it aids businesses in saving time and money. It offers professional validation for flawless campaigns and unrestricted ad spending without reducing earnings. 

Pricing Model : Paid You can try out this tool for free!
Tags :
Marketing, Social Media

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