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Find the best Artificial Intelligence tool-hifive

Description of this AI tool HiFive:


With the use of AI features, HiFive automates review administration and offers cost-effective limitless review requests by email, SMS, WhatsApp, and QR codes for brand improvement, revenue growth, and quick responses.

HiFive is a useful tool for company owners and managers since it addresses the issues of maintaining internet reputation and utilizing favorable customer evaluations to draw in new customers and increase revenue. You will gain the following by using HiFive:

Easy creation of favorable reviews: With HiFive, you are able to send an unlimited number of review requests by email, SMS, WhatsApp, and QR codes. This improves your ability to communicate with clients and raises the likelihood that you’ll get good feedback.



Pricing Model : Paid

Tags : UX, Marketing, Productivity, User Research, Social Media, API, Automation, Reputation Management,

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