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Artificial Intelligence Tool Easy Peasy AI


Easy-Peasy. With the aid of AI, users can produce content 10X more quickly. For assistance with a range of writing chores, including resumes, job descriptions, emails, and social media posts, it offers more than 80 templates. There are also tools for writing long-form content, producing art or graphics, automating voice transcription, and more. Additionally, there are tools to enhance copywriting, come up with catchy titles and descriptions, come up with business names, translate content into Singlish, explain difficult concepts, come up with user stories, come up with performance reviews and testimonials, come up with press releases, come up with catchy taglines, come up with headlines and descriptions for Facebook and Google ads, come up with cover letters, tweets, bios, come up with song ideas, lyrics, poems, quotes, jokes, and come up with song ideas. 

Pricing Model : Freemium
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Copywriting, Generative Art, Speech-To-Text

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