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AI Time Machine

MyHeritage's AI Time Machine™ is a feature that uses Artificial Intelligence to create hyper-realistic AI avatars of a person as he or she may have looked in different points in history.


A feature of MyHeritage’s AI Time MachineTM use artificial intelligence to produce incredibly accurate AI avatars of people as they could have appeared at various eras in history. Using text-to-image technology, it produces a model of the subject in multiple stances and lighting settings using genuine images of the uploaded topic. The model is then combined with motifs from the different themes utilising predetermined themes to produce photorealistic AI avatars. When creating their AI avatars, users can upload 10 to 25 images of themselves in various settings and poses, after which they can choose their gender and title. Prehistoric eras through the age of space exploration are just a few of the topics that the AI avatars use to represent the topic.

Pricing Model : Freemium   -You can try out this tool for free!-
Tags : Generative Art, Avatar

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